The Cult of Forth (sometimes also called the "Church of Forth" or the "Forth believers") is a small, but not completely unimportant religious group.

The cult is distinct in that nowhere on Mlejnas has it ever become the dominant religious stream, while at the same time traces of it can be found virtually anywhere and anywhen in Mlejna's history. For example, two of the very oldest artifacts found on Mlejnas (the Clasp of Mortemer and the Clasp of Vin-Dan, resp.; both dated to an age of approximately 10,000 years) consist of brooches which both seem to depict the cult's symbol, while they were found several thousand kilometers apart.

Little is known about the cult and it's dogmas. One outstanding fact is that teachings are only passed on only orally, and that the cult members are forbidden to write down anything like a gospel. Hence, it is impossible to say how much the teachings of the cult of Forth have changed over time, while they appear to be surprisingly uniform geographically: It appears that cult members from one corner of the world have no problems adapting to the Forth churches at a different part.

One fact of the Forth's teachings has become mainstream knowledge, namely the creation myth which declares that one demon called Agilmar put the world into existance.

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