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What is this Wiki about?Edit

This Wiki is an experiment. Its aim is to merge two concepts together.

The first is the concept of a Wiki, a loose collaboration of people with little or no centralized guidance, which work together to produce a coherent result. On a large scale, this concept has (surprisingly enough) succeeded with Wikipedia, one of the world's best and certainly most up-to-date encyclopedias (which is free, to boot!); on smaller scales, there have been countless numbers of Wikis collating information on virtually any topic.

The second concept is that which Jorge Luis Borges introduced in his short story Tlön, Uqbar, Orbis Tertius. Beside a number of other quite disturbing ideas (quite a lot actually for a comparatively short story), this story introduces a band of conspirators -- the Orbis Tertius -- which change the real world by fanatasizing about an imaginary world, namely "Tlön". (It's really better if you read the Wikipedia article, and of course it's best if you read the story -- it's a brain twister, and it won't take you too long.)

Now, while Borges still assumed Orbis Tertius was controlled by a mastermind in the shadows, can we create something similar in true Wiki fashion without a central coordinator? This is the challenge:

Let's try to work together to create the Wikipedia of a fictional but coherent world without one person providing the central "artistic vision", but as a truly cooperative enterprise.

Let's not talk about reality, that's what Wikipedia is for. Let's not create a fan Wiki that deals with someone else's artistic vision. Let's not make this the solitary piece of an author in the classical sense. Let's see if we can come together and create an artistic whole from our combined fantasies and imaginations. Since a Wiki is never completed, the resulting piece of art will be everchanging, ever-evolving.

The game is on. This Wiki can be edited by anyone, and it's really not difficult. Hieronymus Findorff may be a good starting point for you to explore Mlejnas!

The nameEdit

In Tlön, Uqbar, Orbis Tertius, Borges narrates that all the literature in the (supposedly real) kingdom of Uqbar dealt with two fantastical kingdoms, the one being Tlön, the other being Mlejnas, the latter not being mentioned anymore in the story.

A similar project is Tablet XIII.

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